About Us

We are specialized in dairy products manufacturing based on daily fresh cow milk supplied directly from our unique farm close to the factory.

In the beginning of our activity we started our business in the dairy sector in year 2000 by rearing about 100 FFPN dairy cows. Of course we had and still cultivating the agricultural lands to produce the feed for our cows. So we are quite sure of the source of premium quality of feeding. Our success being monitored by the increasing quality and continual improvement of the produced milk as well as increasing quantity to a manufacturing size pushed us to emphasis transforming our high quality milk into dairy products.

EMPLACEMENT: we are located in the high agricultural valley and rich lands of the BEKAA in the city of Zahle at the geographical center of Lebanon. This good location is beneficial for our consumers in the Bekaa valley to keep our products available to them in a quick manner.
Our Management is located in the factory to stay close and to keep high control of the manufacturing process as well as to follow up our estimated customers and consumers.

A Food Safety Team has been created and is composed of high specialized and well trained personal and managed directly by top management in the aim to guaranty save food are produced and delivered to consumers.
The factory has its own well equipped laboratories to guaranty the availability of all needed tests for maintaining Food Safety.



Our Food Safety Policy:


The following points are considered as pillars in the food safety policy of SKAFF DAIRY FARM S.A.R.L:
All operations of the plant that may have an impact on the food safety are done according to the norms of ISO 22000:2005 standard.
The company complies with all relevant Lebanese and International food safety and quality legislations
All employees are aware of the company’s commitment to food safety and food quality and their responsibilities for it
All supplies are safe by applying and communicating food safety rules to all its suppliers of raw materials
The food safety and food quality culture are enhanced at all levels of the company.
All employees are provided with appropriate training, particularly in areas that affect food safety and food quality in the aim to develop a cadre of people whose skills and knowledge will continue to bring value to the business.
Raw material, manufactured and finished products are of quality and safety levels that meet or exceed customer expectations.
Achieve our strategic goals faster than we ever thought possible.

The main objectives:

.  To increase the production by 15% annually with respect to food hygiene and safety measures.
.  To increase staff awareness and knowledge regarding food safety and hygiene by conducting at least one training per year.
.  To test the efficiency of traceability and recall procedures at least one time by  year. (simulation of contamination and recall)
.  To verify that all components of the FSMS are meeting requirements though conducting at least one internal audit per year.
.  To avoid the reception and supply of any contaminated product with chemicals and microorganisms exceeding the acceptable levels specified within the HACCP plan.
.  Dramatically improve quality and reduce defects. Drive out waste
.  Continually improve cost, cycle time and time to market